For those who may need extra Firearm’s Instruction outside of a classroom or event setting, our instructors offer one-on-one firearm’s instruction. We can help with shooting fundamentals, students who may need some extra practice to hone their shooting skills, have questions regarding shooting fundamental’s, or first time shooters who are not sure if they want to partake in the shooting sports.

Our instructor’s bring vast experience and knowledge in all facets of the shooting sports and firearms. We believe in giving our full attention and passing on our knowledge to our students to give them the best chances of learning about the shooting fundementals and about the many different aspects of the shooting sports.

Step 1: Register Online for the Class

Click the button below to register for the class. Fill out the form below, along with our Hold Harmless Agreement Form that can be found on our home page under the category of Forms. Fill out the information on both forms. Once you have filled in the required information and signed each form, you can either mail in your forms to our Post Office Box or email them to us.

Step 2: Make Online Payment

One-on-One Instruction

We offer one-on-one instruction with an NRA Certified Instructor’s for any further instruction that a student may need. Once registered, please make payment so that we can schedule with the range. The price for one-on-one instruction is per hour, with a minimum of two hour sessions(that would be $150.00 minimum.) Seats are saved once payment is received, not once registered.


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