NRA Basic Pistol Course held on August 06-07, 2022 at the Slackwood Volunteer Fire Company in Lawrence Township, New Jersey.

Our second NRA Basic Pistol Course was held at the Slackwood Volunteer Fire Department in Lawrence Township, New Jersey on August 06, 2022. The class was very exciting and we know our students learned a great deal. We had a wonderful time and are happy to say that all students were able to pass the written test and qualifications. We did have to spend a little extra time with one of our first time shooters, but we are more than happy to do what is necessary to ensure that our students leave our training being able to handle firearms safely and correctly.

The firing portion of the course was held at the Fort Dix Range 14 on the Joint Base McGuire, Dix and Lakehurst. Our students started out very nervous about actually firing a firearm, but by the end of the range portion of the course, all students learned the proper techniques for firing a firearm safely and accurately. Our next course will be held on September 17-18, 2022, at the Slackwood Volunteer Fire Department.

.Instructor Thomas J. Wilson showing the students the basic parts of a pistol.
Instructor Thomas J. Wilson along with students discussing and learning how to properly pick up and set down a firearm.
Instructor Thomas J. Wilson demonstrating the different types of controls on a pistol.
Instructor Thomas J. Wilson lecturing students on proper sight picture and sight alignment using a power point presentation.
One of the many power point slides used in our power point presentations for NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Courses.
Instructor Thomas J. Wilson explaining the differences between the different types of pistols that are displayed on the table.
Instructor Thomas J. Wilson has his students participate in the class and actual instructs students on the proper handling of the firearms and allows students to practice and demonstrate what they have learned in the class.
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