NRA Carry Guard Insurance/Training

NRA Carry Guard Insurance/Training is a program developed for the NRA and Military/Law Enforcement Experts for the person who carries a firearm concealed. The NRA is developing a network of Instructors across the country to train as instructors to offer this class to the public. Not only does this program offer different levels of insurance, it also offers different levels of training for the student to fit their budget and needs for concealed carry.

Skills Learned

The students will learn how to improve their personal safety strategies using concealed carry. Students are also taught techniques and tactics that can be used to prevent and help avoid becoming easy victims/targets of crime while concealed carry.

Dates and Locations

Coming soon in 2019


Thomas J. Wilson

Step 1: Register Online for the Class

Click the button below to register for the class on the NRA website. Choose the correct class and instructor, and fill out the information to register for training.


Step 2: Make Online payment

Training Class.

Click the button below to pay for the class. Please make this payment as soon as you register for the class.


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