The problem is not Law Abiding Citizens: It is the criminals!

In the wake of two more mass shootings that were committed by criminals. There are those who would love to see Law Abiding Citizens stripped of their right to bear arms and furthermore the right to defend themselves against criminals who do not follow the laws that are already enacted. Our question to the gun-control advocates is simple: What makes anyone think that if criminals currently do not abide by the gun laws we already have, what makes you think that they will abide new gun control measures or laws? These criminals do not get these guns legally, so why would some new gun control law magically make criminals start to follow the law? We must not be smart enough to understand this, but the gun control advocates must be, because they have all of the answers.  The only people who are being hurt by new, more restrictive gun control are the law abiding citizens. These law abiding citizens are not the people who are going out and committing mass shootings, so why would gun control advocates feel the need to punish them for the acts of criminals? Please help us understand this.

We encourage everyone to take three minutes of their time to click on the link below to hear what the NRA has to say about gun control. It makes you think.

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre stands strong for Law Abiding Citizens

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