Yet another attack on the National Rifle Association. New York Attorney General Letitia James has just taken the fight against the Second Amendment another step past absurd. Not only did New York recently try to fine any businesses that did business with the National Rifle Association, but now the power hungry Attorney General has now filed a lawsuit against the National Rifle Association claiming that the not for profit is not only committing fraud but also claims that the Association routinely uses abuse to get it’s way.

Since New York was unable to swindle their way to force companies in the “Empire State” to refrain from providing insurance, bank accounts and other amenities to the National Rifle Association, they have now tried to make the courts complicit in their never ending fight to rid this country of the Second Amendment and those who do not agree with their ideology. It just makes us sick that the Democrats and Liberals have sunk to new lows to take away rights from the American People.

We hope that most of Society is not that blind that they do not see the attacks that have been waged against the Second Amendment and those who support it. Make no mistake about it, they will do anything and everything, legal or not legal to get rid of the peoples God given right to the Second Amendment. Please do not fall for this and demand that our government start acting like a government and not bow down to the whims of lunatics who think that we are not smart enough to be able to think for ourselves.

For anyone who would like to read the article, we have posted a link at the end of this blog. If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything. We ask that everyone stay well and safe as we navigate through the Covid-19.

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