Governor Murphy at it again.

The fabulous Governor Murphy of New Jersey has placed his sights on Legal Firearms Owners again. It just amazes us how the Liberal Side of politics in this country will stop at nothing to force legal firearms owners to fight against un-constitutional firearms restrictions.

In his annual budget proposal, Governor Murphy has tried to impose on legal firearms owners, taxes on firearms and firearms related merchandise that would all but make it impossible for legal firearms owners to be able to afford purchasing firearms and firearms related merchandise.

There is no doubt about the disdain that this Governor feels for our rights afforded us under the Constitution. One would think that the Liberals would not be so forward with there attempts to take away the 2nd AMENDMEMT from the citizens of this state. But he has no problem offering free college to illegal immigrants, people who just by being here in the state are criminals. Legal citizens in this state obviously do not have the same rights as do people who are criminals residing in the state. At least this is the message being sent to us by our Governor.

Please find below a breakdown of the taxes as posted on Facebook post.

We recommend contacting your duly elected representatives and voice your outrage in a professional manner.

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