Home Firearms Safety Course scheduled for June 28, 2020 at the Washington Emergency Squad at 1:00P.M. has been cancelled.


Important Information on the Home Firearms Safety Course scheduled for June 28, 2020. Unfortunately, we were recently notified by the venue where the class is scheduled, that we have to cancel the course for June 28, 2020 due to staffing accommodations with the Emergency Squad and because they do not have the ability to have anyone else inside there quarters during the pandemic. We deeply regret this since we have had so much interest. For those who have submitted payment, it will be returned via Paypal. As soon as the restrictions are lifted, we will be restarting the courses. We will keep posting updates on our website. We thank everyone for their interest and hope that this does not cause any scheduling problems for any of our students. Please be safe and well.

Best Regards,

Thomas J. Wilson

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