Smart Gun Legislation Passed in New Jersey

New Jersey in it’s advance thinking has again shown it’s disdain for firearms owners in the state. Today, both chambers of the New Jersey Legislature passed A.1016 /S.101. This legislation in effect forces the market acceptance of smart guns by requiring firearms dealers to offer smart guns for sale. One would think that if you have to force a business to sell a product, there probably is a very strong indicator that there is no market for the product. Unfortunately, the anti-gun Legislatures in this state are not concerned with facts or evidence.  There are only two other states in the country who have passed this type of legislation, Maryland and California. I wonder why that is. The reasons why this legislation is so laughable is because currently there is not a single viable smart gun available on any market so the time and uselessness of this legislation is only another example of a legislature that is not in touch with reality. In New Jersey we have even bigger problems out there to deal with instead of spending countless time on legislation that, at this time, is useless. These laws cannot be implemented for the simple reason that there are not any “smart guns” on the market. Way to go New Jersey.

In 2002, New Jersey Legislature passed a smart gun law that stated “once smart guns were certified as viable, only the handguns that used the “smart gun” technology would be aloud to be sold in New Jersey. In essence, this is just another way to just ban traditional handguns. Almost two decades later, there are no meaningful improvements in the firearms industry that could or would lead to the production of “smart guns.” All this is doing is making the market accept inferior products. What the anti-gun legislatures fail to realize is that they may be able to force firearm’s dealers to place these “smart guns” on their shelves, but you cannot force firearm’s owners to buy them.

The sad truth to all of this is that this is just another page in New Jersey’s disdain for firearms owners in New Jersey. We encourage all firearms owners to contact Governor Murphy’s office and demand that he veto this legislation since it is so useless. You can only shake your head in disbelief at the great State of New Jersey.


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