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The company logo consists of stylized wording ” American Firearms Instruction, LLC” appearing in a black circle with white lettering around a circle of a stylized bald eagle head appearing in the foreground. Beneath the eagle design are the words “Instruction, LLC” in an arc in the circle. Above the eagle head are the words “American Firearms” in the outer black circle in white lettering. Located directly in the middle of the black circle are two white stars centered directly in line with the bottom of the blue background. In the background top left corner behind the eagle head is a blue background with stars in it. Below the blue background, on the bottom left and entire right side behind the eagle head is a white background with alternating lines of red silhouettes of rifles, shotguns and pistols. The beak of the Eagle is mustard yellow. The eyeball of the Eagle is Black. The area around the eyeball of the Eagle is shaded in gray.


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