Hey folks…Do you hate guns and want them out of your life, for good? I have decided to take a stand and help out in the best way I can think of. If you or your friends have a pistol, revolver, shotgun, or rifle looking to be removed, I will take it (permanently) and ensure that it ends up in a safe place. I would normally charge for this kind of service, but I am willing to waive my fees because I care. Free pick-up service is also available within a 100 mile radius.

Private message me today so that your home can be a gun safe zone.  As a final safety precaution, I will take the ammo, too!

Thanks in advance.

If you’re local and do have any old ammo laying around please message me and I can come get it!

 Glad to be of service, this is my Public Service for all that needs it!

 Private Message me please!!

 If you stand behind the 2nd amendment copy and post!!

Sourced from Facebook.

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