Election Alert!!!

Important Announcement regarding the upcoming Presidential Election. For those who have not voted yet, there is some important information that you must consider before voting. First and foremost, both the Democratic Presidential Candidate Biden and the Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate have spoken on more than one occasion there intention to do away with societies rights under the Constitution of the United States Second Amendment. Mr. Harris, has been very outspoken on her feelings on the Second Amendment and her belief that the general society does not have the right and need to bear arms and have the right to be able to defend themselves against others who would be willing to use deadly force against them. She has even stated that she would even use Executive Orders to circumvent the Constitution. What scares the hell out of us is that a Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate would tell its citizens that they do not believe in the protection of the rights and freedoms given to us in the Constitution are worth protecting. Especially if she wins and places her hand on the bible and swears to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Now if this was not even enough, the Democratic Presidential Candidate Biden has said numerous times that he will also do away with guns. It amazes us that the proposed Democratic leaders would want to take away our God given rights under the Constitution. We wonder why this is? Well, we do not have to look back to far in our history to understand what is going on here. If we look back in our history to the Revolutionary War and try and put our minds in the minds of the framers of the Constitution, what was the Revolutionary War about? it was about getting away from a King Ruler in England who taxed the citizens in the Colonies but did not afford them representation. This is why this country was started. The framers of the Constitution wanted to protect future generations from this exact scenario. This is why the Second Amendment reads the way it does. They not only wanted to protect society from those who would does us harm, but they also wanted to protect us from a rogue Government and give us the ability to protect ourselves and defend what we hold dear to our hearts. These are all very important things to consider while voting.

Our President Trump has done nothing but stand behind the Second Amendment and vowed to protect it and support those who protect it.

One more very important note: If the Democrats succeed and do away with our Second Amendment or restrict it, will they also give up there Security Details whom protect them with firearms? If you believe the answer to be no, then you know which way you should vote.

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