People say there is nothing wrong in this country!

On September 19, 2019, there was an article posted on Yahoo’s Hoe Page that I find quite disturbing about the state of this country. And what I find even more disturbing is the fact that this did not even make any of the major news outlets simply because it did not involve a firearm. We have included a link for you to be able to actually see the article. Teen arrested after stabbing another teen to death while dozens stood by and filmed it.

The victim, Khaseen Morris, 16, was allegedly involved in a fight over a girl in Oceanside, New York. The other alleged participant in the fight was Tyler Flach, 18, from Lido Beach. He was arrested and charged with murder. Authorities stated that the victim was specifically targeted by Flach and several others who were involved. Morris was stabbed in the chest, but later died in the hospital.

It has been reported by witnesses that as many as 70 kid’s were witness to the stabbing and instead of trying to help the victim, they used their cell phones to actually film the victim bleeding to death. Is this what this country has come to? IS IT BETTER TO HAVE A COOLER VIDEO OF SOMEONE DYING THAN TO HELP A DYING PERSON? What are parents teaching their children today? I know when I was growing up, if I had the ability to help someone and I just stood there and watch someone die, not only would my parents have made me turn myself in to the authorities, they would have done so after they whooped my behind. What really upsets and angers me is that no-one seems to even care about the ways these kid’s acted. There is no continuing 24 hour coverage by the media, no protests, and it seems that not one person other than the victims family is upset that this even happened.

It also makes us sick that this country has allowed this to become the normal. It totally blows our mind that the major news outlets have not even covered this except for maybe a passing mention in their news casts. Now, had there been a firearm involved, there would be mass media hysteria, people would be protesting in the streets, and various spokes people for different political groups would be on the news touting gun control until you could not take it anymore. But the death of a sixteen year old by several others does not even make an honorable mention on the National News Outlets. What the hell is wrong with people? This is not the country that I know my parents and grandparents left us. Are we that removed from each other, that savage and uncaring that this is acceptable by any stretch of the imagination? People better wake up and get there priorities straight.


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