Lack of knowledge makes for great news

The great news outlet NBC explains to it’s audience how an AR-15 destroys a watermelon. The link is posted at the end of the article. The only problem with this scenario is the firearm that is actually being used in the video is a shotgun. One can tell that it is a shotgun by watching the shot shell that is discharged from the chamber after the shot is taken. What really angers us is that people assume they know what they are talking about and try to explain their knowledge base to others not realizing that there knowledge base is lacking and they are making themselves look stupid. It has always been our philosphy to research a certain subject before claiming to know anything about it. Once you have researched your subject, then you should feel confident in your knowledge base. We assume that everyone is taught this, but when you are more interested in selling news instead of responsible reporting, this is the result.

You would think that a big company like NBC would require that there news reporting would be factual, but watching the video, you can tell that it is not. This is the problem with those who want to take firearms away from Responsible Gun Owners, they think they know what they are saying is true, but their facts are not. If you do not know what you are talking about and do not take the time to research your content, then maybe you should not open your mouth.  I find myself challenging the validity of any information that is reported by the major news outlets, because it is no longer about reporting the truth, it is about the bottom line, money.



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