NJ State Police quietly restore firearms fingerprinting after NJ2AS and ANJRPC protect gun owners rights

We are happy to report that as of April 03, 2020, The New Jersey State Police have restored the application process for purchasing firearms in the State of New Jersey after Governor Murphy stops posturing to fight the Federal Government. The move was also given a boost by the Association of Rod and Pistol Clubs and NJ2AS Lawsuits against the State of New Jersey. I am guessing that the Governor thought that gun owners in New Jersey would back down from him when he refused to abide by the Federal Government’s assertion that Gun Stores are “essential.” Despite Governor Murphy’s personal feelings about gun control, it sounds to us like he was smart enough to realize that this was a fight that he legally was not going to win.

We keep trying to warn the citizens of the State of New Jersey that these tactics are not going to end anytime soon and that we have to unite behind the common cause of protecting our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms despite the personal feelings of Democrats and anti-gun advocates. We need to stand strong and stand fast because the fight is not over, it has only begun.

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