In an article posted yesterday in USA Today, Ms. Moll Stellino reports that the United States House of Representatives, Representative Hank Johnson, a Georgia Democrat,  introduced a bill on January 30, 2020, H.R. 5717, which would ban the purchasing and possession of assault weapons. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, introduced a Senate version of the bill, S.3254. We have posted a link to the article below so you can read it for yourselves.

Fact Check: US bill would ban assault weapons

The House version of the bill is being touted as “The Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act.” Mr. Johnson goes on to comment that the “Act will save lives and make our country safer, without infringing on any law-abiding individual’s right to own firearms.” Well Mr. Johnson, you are wrong because the Second Amendment does not say that the government has the right to tell us what firearms we can own and what firearms we cannot own. If you are trying to dictate to law-abiding citizens what they can and cannot buy, then you are infringing on their rights. I guess the Democrats just do not get this concept.

We think that it is safe to say that no law-abiding citizen would state that they do not want to end the gun violence in America. We all want that. But you do not punish those who follow the laws that are already enacted by restricting them more, you go after the people that are breaking the laws and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. This is how you make a dent in gun violence. Many of us think that this notion is common sense, but we have seen that common sense is not so common in politics.

It is said that this bill ” addresses background checks, taxes on firearms and goods related to firearms, accessibility of guns on school campuses and more. It would also require state law enforcement authorities to be notified when background checks are denied.” With that being said, I believe that there are already laws that have been enacted, but are not being enforced. The other scary part about these bills are the fact that they define semiautomatic assault weapons as: ” Any firearms with the capability to accept a detachable magazine, a pistol grip, forward grip, grenade launcher, barrel shroud, threaded barrel or a folding, telescoping or detachable stock.” There have been many years of arguing over the definition of what constitutes a semiautomatic assault weapon. What gives the government the right to dictate the definitions of such weapons.

The only saving grace for people like us is the fact that the House of Representatives is controlled by the Democrats, so we know there will be no problem with this bill passing the House. We thank our lucky stars that the Democrats do not control the Senate. We have been saying this for a long time now. I just hope that our citizens will wake up and see what is going on here. The Democrats want all of our guns. Do not be fooled by their rhetoric. This is their end game, to disarm Americans, totally.



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