With the outbreak of the COVID-19, or Corona virus, most people are nervous about the future. We are optimistic that local, state and federal officials are working diligently to combat the virus and keep it from spreading. This is an unprecedented time in our country’s history, and we would like to strongly encourage all citizens to heed the warnings and instructions of our government officials. We hope that everyone will abide by the suggestions and implementation of policies that can be quite scary, but these are being done with the citizens best interests in mind.

We ask that everyone lend a hand to help out those in your immediate neighborhoods whom may need your help to make it through these trying times. We pray and hope that through diligence and perseverance, we will beat this virus. We wish everyone a safe and uneventful couple of weeks as we all do our part to combat this ugly virus. Stay safe and use common sense. Please adhere to the social distancing guidelines that officials are asking citizens to help with. The government can not do this all on their own. Again, we hope that everyone stays safe and uses common sense.

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