New Jersey Second Amendment Society

For those who were not aware of the new movement within the ranks of law abiding firearms owners in the United States. There are groups forming all over the country called 2A Sanctuary Counties. They first made the news in our area when Virginia’s Governor decided to enact “Red Flag” laws, much like New Jersey’s Governor Murphy did a few months back. Just as a reminder, these “Red Flag” laws have been enacted in states to take away the rights of all citizens in that State under the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, by taking away firearms from law abiding citizens without a hearing, just on the report of anyone who can claim that the firearms owner is “a danger to themselves or others.” The really disturbing part of these “Red Flag” laws is that the information supplied does not even have to be verified, or even true for that matter, and the firearms owner has no recourse and it may take months, or even years for the law abiding firearms owner to be able to get their firearms back. Seems to be the way now in this new ploy against firearms owners all over the country, most likely seeded from the Democratic side of politicians.

In response to these “Red Flag” laws, firearms owners are fighting back. In Virginia, there is a movement to make half of the counties in Virginian 2A Sanctuary Counties. In other words, about half of the counties in Virginia have vowed to make themselves sanctuary counties to fight the ability of the government to take away your firearms. Law Enforcement in these counties have stated that they will not enforce Unconstitutional Laws against firearms owners, much like the State of New Jersey made itself an Illegal Immigrant Sanctuary State. These forward thinking firearms owners have taken what the Democrats and their cronies are using to circumvent the laws, and have turned around against them. Way to go. New Jerseys Firearms owners have created the New Jersey Second Amendment Society. The link to their website is: New Jersey Second Amendment Society. The website is not completed yet, but it does include some really good information.

We encourage any and every law-abiding firearms owner in New Jersey to join and help fight against unconstitutional laws forced down our throats by New Jersey Politician’s. We can only fight these laws through a united voice. Let’s not stand idly by and allow politicians to walk all over our rights afforded to us under the Constitution of the United States.


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