Assembly Bill 6003: Think your guns are safe in New Jersey?

An article posted in the Sports-men’s website on December 06, 2019 is more than just scary about how far Democrat’s and gun control fanatics will go to take away our Constitutional Rights to keep and bear arms. Democratic Assemblywoman Patricia Jones introduced the most ludicrous attempt to attack hunters and law abiding gun owners that this state has ever seen. The bill, Assembly Bill 6003, would require hunters to purchase firearm liability coverage in the amount of $50,000.00. The bill also requires that your firearms be confiscated for those who do not have the insurance. Furthermore, this fanatic has placed in the bill body that gun owners will be responsible for crimes committed by someone who steals their firearms. Now let this sink in. If a criminal breaks into your house and steals your firearm, and then goes out and commits a crime, under this bill, they would not be responsible. Under this bill, the firearm owner will be held responsible. I just cannot fathom the logic behind this. I guess being a criminal really does pay. Steal someone’s firearm and commit crime with it, and the owner is responsible for the crime, not you. Are you kidding me? I guess next we will attack car owners and make them be held responsible if a criminal steals your car and then winds up committing a crime with it. Where in God’s great creation does this make sense?

Currently, this bill is in the Assembly Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance. Right now it is not clear if this bill will even get a hearing. My concern is that this bill  and this woman has the audacity to even take the time to come up with such a bill. I guess it is OK in this country now to take people’s Constitutional Rights away with from them. If you cannot do it legally, dream up another way to do it. Are these people really that serious? How does one stand there with a straight face and read this bill?

The Sports-men’s Alliance is asking everyone for their help. “Take Action Today! New Jersey sportsmen should call their Assembly member and ask them to vote NO on AB 6003. Sportsmen can contact their legislators by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center Directory. “

Under the bill, first-time violators of the bill will face a $1,000 fine. And it even gets better. Any repeat offenders will be assessed with a fine of $5,000 and they will take your right to purchase any permit, identification card or license to purchase, carry, or possess a firearm for five years.  Like we said, it even gets worse. If your firearm is stolen and you fail to report a lost or stolen firearm, you will be liable for all damages caused by that firearm, including personal injuries or medical expenses. And to add salt on the already open wound, if you fail to carry proof of liability insurance, that will result in the seizure of the firearm by law enforcement.

Bruce Tague, the vice president of government affairs for Sportsmen’s Alliance stated, “AB 6003 is an unnecessary attack on law-abiding hunters and firearm owners, and unjustly penalizes them when their own firearms are stolen by criminals. This bill should never see the light of day.” It really scares us that our country has sank to such a low that we afford criminals and non-citizens more rights than we do citizens of our country. Posted below is the link to the article should you like to read it for yourself. Wake up gun owners, they are coming for us. Make no mistake about that.

These people are crazy.


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